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Problem solvers with innovative solutions for business challenges


Ex Resources is a Ghanaian company that was established in 2010. The company was founded with a vision to solve business problems with innovative solutions.

With the ability to identify opportunities and applying the relevant resources to create solutions, we have built a successful business. Ex Resources has facilitated projects that have been impactful.

We have found great fulfillment in exploring new business areas while gaining knowledge and applying that knowledge to solve problems.

Through the years, we have not restricted ourselves. We exercised our expertise in different sectors, working with private and public entities. As a result, we have garnered invaluable experience and created a wide network of business associates.

Our Mission

To help transform lives through innovative and eco-friendly solutions for sustainable development

Our Vision

To have influence in consultancy and infrastructural development sectors, facilitating projects with  massive impact.

Our Values





Our team of experts have a proven track record of identifying opportunities and connecting with partners and suppliers to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions that drive profit. With our ability to spot opportunities and our cutting-edge expertise in specialised areas, we’re well positioned to help partners capitalize on emerging trends and stay ahead of the competition.

We have partnered with organizations (both private & public) to address pertinent issues on a national level. Our strength in facilitating projects has inspired confidence among our associates. We specialize in applying innovative solutions and formulate seamless execution plans, and oversee projects to their conclusion.

Product / Service

Infrastructural Development

We partner with private and public entities to construct and maintain the infrastructure that caters to communities’ needs to enhance  development.

Consultancy Services

Our wide range of advisory services, insights, and facilitation programs have helped our clients to improve their ability to plan, deliver and manage their projects and achieve their business goals.

Health Management Advisory

We have helped plan, direct, and coordinate diverse projects in the healthcare space. We have also partnered with the state to facilitate major infrastructural and health management projects.  One of our notable projects was providing testing facilities Covid 19.

Projects we
have handled

Medical Advisory

  • We authored the legislation and adoption of an acceptable working model for the National Health Insurance Scheme.
  • We pioneered Private Health Insurance services.
  • We established one of the earliest and largest private testing facilities for the Covid-19 virus.
  • We have facilitated the development of numerous district hospitals.

Energy & Construction

  • We have facilitated the construction of electricity switching stations.
  • We have managed the specialized development of affordable low-cost housing schemes.
  • We are involved in the development of a renewable energy generation plant.

Identity Management & Technology

  • We pioneered the use of biometric data collection
  • We introduced Biometric and Card technology in driving license personalisation, production, and issuance.
  • We procured the installation, management, and maintenance of identity-capturing hardware in Driver’s licenses and voter’s registration applications.

Consultancy Services

  • We successfully managed a Public Private Partnership for a decade.

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