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virtual language immersion

Magana helps you build confidence and fluency in speaking international languages for your next global experience.
Start speaking English today! More languages to come soon.

Join The Experience

The Experience

As an end-to-end journey or a stand-alone program, choose the language experience that suits your needs

Join the Experience


Improve your English speaking skills through a 6-week conversation-based program, which includes small-size group activitIes and speaking-focused deliverables.

Ready, Speak.

Join us for a 12-week holistic, intensive, and fully digital English Immersion experience. 

Learn the tips and tricks, mindsets and confidence you need to become a fluent speaker and rely  on a global community of like-minded people and industry experts.

Coming Soon


Take your journey to the next level with a trip to an English-speaking country

Immerse yourself in the host country’s culture, connect with the locals and engage in in-person activities with your magana buddies.

Coming Soon

The Boost! Offer

What to expect.

Commitment starts with you. 6 weeks, 2 group sessions per week, 10 hours commitment, embark on a journey to improve your English speaking skills. 

How we do it

We believe in the principle of learning-by-doing and the power of a collaborative and interactive learning experience. All sessions will be geared towards speaking activities, including workshops tailored to meet your academic, professional or leisure objectives.

What you'll gain

With Boost!, have access to: 

  • Curated speaking-focused content
  • A global community of language enthusiasts and industry experts
  • Individual coaching towards your Boost! goal

Is Boost! for you?

Boost! Is for you if you are: 

  • Looking to improve Your English speaking skills
  • 18 – 35 years old
  • Young graduates and professionals
  • With basic reading, listening, writing proficiency in English 
  • With access to a stable internet connection and a laptop 
Apply Now

About Magana

The best way to learn a language is by speaking. At Magana, we help you do just that! 

Magana is a platform for like-minded learners with a common goal of improving their language speaking skills. We help you build the confidence and fluency you need to speak international languages for your next global experience. 

“Magana” means ‘Speak’ in Hausa, a language spoken in West and Central Africa, where the co-founders of Magana are originally from. 

The Magana concept is a reflection of their journey as francophone speakers learning international languages in a fun and interactive manner. Collectively, they speak 8 languages, which contributed to landing jobs, academic, travel and collaborative opportunities across the world.

Our Packages


What is Magana?

Magana offers cohort-based language learning experience to individuals, corporates, SMEs and NGOs looking to improve their international languages speaking skills.
We provide learners-based solutions through our adaptable programs Boost!, Ready, Speak. and Fly.

What is Boost! and who is it for?

Boost! Is a 6-week English immersion experience designed to build the learners confidence and fluency in speaking English. It is tailored towards

  1. Young graduates and professionals.
  2. Within the age of 18 to 35.
  3. With basic writing, reading, listening and speaking proficiency.

Candidates should have access to a stable internet connexion and a laptop.
Time commitment = 10 hours including the sessions time.

What is the application process like?

Application requirements: Make a two-minute video

  • Introducing yourself,
  • Why you are applying for Boost!,
  • And what success looks like at the end of Boost!

Please expect an admission decision two weeks from your application submission date.

Does Magana only offer English immersion programs?

Magana aims to provide international language immersion experiences to its learners. For a smooth and streamlined experience, English is the first language to be made available. Other languages will come soon.

How can I get involved?

Partner: Want to join the experience? There are many ways to partner. From availing your space for in-person events to becoming a family host. Contact us to explore areas of collaboration.

Donate: Enable our mission by offering partial or full scholarships to young deserving learners and candidates from less fortunate backgrounds.

Volunteer: Contribute to upskilling the Magana learners as

  • A guest speaker to share your journey
  • A workshop facilitator to teach 21st century skills
  • A speaking accountability buddy

I need more information. Where can I submit a request?

Please submit your  request through the Get Involved form. We will get back to you via email or Whatsapp (if you prefer) .

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Phone/ Whatsapp:
+250 734 564 973

KG 547 Street Kigali, Rwanda