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RAMED SC Solutions is a Ghanaian supply chain specialist company established in 2021.

Our mission is to empower businesses by optimizing their supply chain operations through innovative and reliable procurement and supply chain outsourcing solutions. We envision a future where businesses can achieve efficiency, sustainability, and long-term growth through a robust and well-managed supply chain. (through us, as if it was executed by them)

Experience & Achievements

In just a short period, we’ve built a reputation for excellence, successfully assisting clients across various industries.

Here are some highlights:


Delivered over $3 million worth of Covid control supplies during the pandemic.


Executed a bi-annual procurement project involving the delivery of 11000 Metric Tonnes of Ferric Chloride for the mining sector.



Established expertise in sourcing hard-to-find parts for the manufacturing and extractive industries.


We are a team of highly skilled professionals passionate about helping businesses succeed.

Our commitment to quality, efficiency, and innovation ensures we deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Streamline Your Operations

with Our Comprehensive Supply Chain Solutions

Outsourced Supply Chain Management

We take the burden off your team by managing all aspects of your procurement process, from sourcing, supplier identification to purchase order management and invoice reconciliation. This frees up your time and resources to focus on core business activities.

Local & International Procurement

Our extensive network allows us to source the materials and equipment you need, domestically or internationally, at competitive prices. We handle all the complexities of import/export, ensuring smooth and timely delivery.

Medical Supplies Procurement

Specializing in health & safety, medical equipment and consumables, we navigate complex regulations to source reliable and hard-to-find medical supplies and speciality medications such as Cynokit, First Aid Kits, PPEs etc. 

Office & Tail-End Spend Management

Don’t let small expenses disrupt your operations or drain your budget. We manage your office supplies and other indirect costs, leveraging our expertise to secure the best value and streamline procurement processes. 

Consultancy & Advisory Services

Our team of experts offers valuable guidance on regulatory compliance, import/export strategies, and supply chain optimization. We help you navigate challenges and make informed decisions.

Streamline Your Operations

with Our Comprehensive Supply Chain Solutions


Our streamlined processes and experienced team ensure fast, accurate results, minimizing delays and rework. We operate flexible operations to face unpredictable situations.


We have technology that ensure visibility throughout the supply chain process. This provides better experience and satisfaction to our customers and more precise data to make smarter business decisions


We prioritize long-term value for all stakeholders especially our customers by sourcing durable products, promoting responsible practices and adherence to ESG principles in all activities.


Our team boasts extensive industry knowledge and strong supplier relationships, guaranteeing you the best solutions. We are consistently adapting to changing skills set to meet current and impending trends including Artificial intelligence.

Cost Savings

We leverage our expertise and buying power to negotiate the best prices and optimize your procurement spending. We keep close eye on and carefully manage costs.

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