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Become a world class spa therapist and begin your journey to running a successful spa business!

Master the art of beauty and massage therapy and acquire the business skills that will take your service to the next level.

Looking to master the art of beauty and massage therapy?

Are you looking to master the art of beauty and massage therapy? Would you like to learn the skills that will get you to work, not only in Ghana, but anywhere in the world? Do you want to become a renowned beauty specialist servicing high-caliber clients?

If yes, then you are in the right place. If no, don’t bother reading any further…this is not for you. You see, we are passionate about what we do, which is why we like students who share our passion. We want students who are eager to learn and desire to be among the best in beauty and spa therapies.

Becoming a beauty specialist is about more than just skills. It is an art. It has to come from within you. We only teach you the skills and techniques to express your inner artistry. The better you can express yourself, the happier your clients will be. Happy clients pay well…so you will be happy too!

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These courses are for you if

Enrolling in our program offers these benefits and more


You want to be up to date on your beauty and spa skills to ensure you move from amateur to professional in a short time


You want to learn the skills and techniques to distinguish you from local beauty practitioners.

High-Caliber Clients

You want to learn the professionalism and etiquette needed to attract high-caliber clients.


You want to get international accreditation to help you become more competitive and find work anywhere you go.

Mentorship & Practice

You want to get high quality practice and mentorship to launch your career on a strong foundation

Crafted to Transform your Profession

Our Special Courses

Diploma in Beauty Specialist Techniques Level 2

This intensive course is designed to transform you into the beauty specialist you desire to be. It is comprehensive with an extended syllabus covering key retail and customer service elements. You will get a lot of demonstrations and practice from leading Spa(s) affiliated to us.

12 Months
400+ hours work practice
International Accreditation
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Diploma in Massage Therapy Level 3

This course will prepare and equip you for work as a beauty massage therapist. You will be uniquely positioned in this growing segment of the spa industry with the skills we will impact you with. With these skills you can work in leading Spas, or do mobile services in home and office based settings

6 Months
200+ hours work practice
International Accreditation
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Certificate in Swedish Massage Level 3

A Swedish massage is a classic full-body massage that engages your hands to target your client’s superficial deep layers of muscles and soft tissue, while manipulating their joints to release any tension stored in the body. It’s a highly demanded service in leading Spas.

12 Weeks
Practice + Mentorship
International Accreditation
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Wellness Institute Incubator Program

The Wellness Institute offers a business incubator program that enables graduates that qualify from our training program to transition to skilled spa business professionals. Therapists are mentored and supported to hone their technical skills and acquire business skills in an environment where they are able to develop a client base and earn income. Lifelong learning, well-being, financial literacy and inclusion are at the heart of this program

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Why Wellness Institute

Competency-based training

Our courses provide a fine balance between theory and practice. Upon completion, our students show mastery in giving beauty services that are creative but also backed by sound scientific evidence.

Experienced staff personnel

We work with a team of industry professionals who are all-rounded in the aspects of the trade. You will be impacted by their in-depth knowledge from their extensive experience in the industry.

Personalized Learning

We keep our classes deliberately small to ensure we give you enough attention not only to learn the skills but also to perfect them so you can align with international standards.

Global Partnership and Accreditations

With access to a global network of partners, we are able to draw on top-notch experience and resources to get quality education, practice, and mentorship.

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Since I can remember, I have always wanted to have a career in the Beauty industry so I enrolled into Wellness Institute in 2020. I chose Wellness institute because, they do not only teach you the steps but explain the anatomical effects every procedure. I was working part-time whilst schooling so it was a bit challenging however I had my goal in my mind so I enjoyed every bit of the process...... Read More

Eugenia Dzitrinu

My name is Emmanuella Enyonam Ankom, I am a beauty therapist at wellness spa and Institute, I specialise in massage, facials , manicure and pedicure and waxing. I have been a beauty therapist for five years and pride myself to provide my clients with the highest standard of service. I am passionate about helping people feel and look their best..... Read More

Emmanuella Enyonam Anku

My name is Margaret Kumi and I am 27 years of age, I am an old student of Wellness Institute. I attended Welllness Institute in in 2017 and completed in 2018. I had this passion for the spa industry and the wellbeing of human beings so I decided to go more into the spa industry then I got to study at wellness institute...... Read More

Margaret Gorni