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Walk on the wild side with Topguides Safaris

Topguides Safaris is culmination of our genuine love for travel and a desire to explore the most beautiful and remote spots in our country of Tanzania. Our goal at Topguides Safaris is to share our expertise and our love of wild places with our guests.

What we care about the most – is the quality of your safari experience. That is why we keep our groups on smaller side and trips are meticulously designed to stay true to this mission. At Topguides Safaris, we are directly involved in every aspect of your adventures – from planning, to greeting, to acting as your Chef du Jour at a mountain top at sunset.

New standard of excellence in wilderness travel

Our adventures are accompanied by the expert Tanzanian Naturalist Guides who bring your Safari experience to life. These certified guides have established a new standard of excellence in wilderness travel. They are known for their friendly and caring hospitality and their knowledge of the culture, history and ecology of the country.

Top-notch deluxe experiences

Whether you are staying in lodges or luxury wilderness camps, we never compromise the quality of our accommodations or our gear. We also provide great fresh food and can cater to any dietary preferences and requirements. At Topguides Safaris, our goal is to exceed your expectations and offer you an authentic, unique journey that puts you in greater touch with the world around you. Whether climbing Mt Kilimanjaro or joining us on our unique safari experience in real African bush, we are confident that you will feel inspired and rejuvenated after a trip with us!

Like chameleons we adapt to our client’s desires and bring the best experience to reality.

Why Topguides Safaris?