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Link Trade Partners LLC, headquartered in the vibrant city of New York, USA, is a dynamic company with a profound global outlook.

Our robust network specialises in a diverse range of trades, ensuring excellence in every venture.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Invest in skills training/sports
Invest in STEM education
Invest in rural communities Healthcare and Healthcare clinics Equipments

Garments, Apparel, Textiles:
Seamlessly managing sales, sourcing, and offshore production.

Energy Equipment:
Providing top-notch solutions in solar panels, oilfields, and engineering equipment.

Hospital and Medical Equipment:
Expertly sourcing and exporting cutting-edge medical gear.

Commodities Import:
Handling a spectrum of commodities such as Cashew, Soyabeans, Sesame, Maize, Cocoa, and Cassava, and Shea Butter.

Trade Liaison:
Promoting business in real estate and offshoring, alongside transactions fund-raising.

AGOA Membership:
We offer a special trade relationship with the African Growth and Opportunity Act that benefits members duty-free access to the American Market.

What we
do best

At Link Trade Partners, our expertise goes beyond mere transactions; we specialize in crafting holistic solutions that foster growth, sustainability, and success across diverse industries.

Partner with us for a journey that transcends traditional trade boundaries.

Link Trade Partners has established a robust network, both locally and globally, to ensure the procurement of top-quality products.

At Link Trade Partners, we don’t just trade – we transform possibilities into reality.

Embrace a future of global success with us.

At Link Trade Partners LLC, we pride ourselves on delivering excellence in every aspect of global trade.

Trust us for seamless, efficient, and reliable services that transcend boundaries.
Explore endless possibilities with Link Trade Partners –
Where Global Opportunities Unfold!

Quality Assurance
Our strategic relationships with commodities houses and the utilization of SGS globally guarantee the examination of goods for quantity and quality compliance before delivery.
Strategic Alliances
LTPs has tirelessly forged partnerships with global transportation leaders in airfreight cargo, ensuring the safe and professional delivery of goods.
Environmental  Social & Governance
ESG considerations constitute an integral aspect of our Link Trade Partners criteria, defining the parameters of our esteemed business relationships with partners and stakeholders.